For our freshest, most beautiful blooms, please shop our Florist’s Choice options, as we may be experiencing delays in receiving shipments of certain flower types.

Please note that for all other orders, we may need to make substitutions. Your recipient will always receive a beautiful gift of the same or greater value as what you selected.

Deliveries may be impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Rest assured that we are taking all recommended precautions to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

Delivery impacts may include:

In addition, we may be using “no contact” delivery procedures. After confirming that the recipient is available to accept, their gift will be left at the door and the delivery driver will step back a safe distance to ensure they receive their gift.

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Gift Now, Deliver Later

Better than a gift card, send smiles twice! We are now offering Gift Now, Deliver Later, so you can still send a gift for your loved one during this time.

Please note that we cannot currently commit to any specific delivery dates when you place a Gift Now, Deliver Later order. We will personally contact your recipient when we are able to schedule a delivery date for this gift.

When you give a Gift Now, Deliver Later arrangement, you won’t need to select a delivery date. You complete your purchase and we’ll send a beautifully designed virtual gift right away via email, including your card message and a picture of the flowers you chose. When we are back up and running, we’ll contact your recipient to complete delivery of your fresh, beautiful arrangement. Thanks for supporting our local business during this time!

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How Gift Now, Deliver Later Works

Please note that we cannot currently commit to any specific delivery dates when you place a Gift Now, Deliver Later order. We will personally contact your recipient when we are able to schedule a delivery date for this gift.

Step 1

Complete your purchase like you normally would, including your card message, delivery information, and recipient’s email.

Step 2

We’ll let your special someone know they received a gift. A photo and your card message will be included in a beautifully designed email for smile number 1!

Step 3

When we’re able to deliver your gift, we’ll fulfill the promise of your gift and coordinate directly with your recipient to schedule delivery of the arrangement for smile number 2!

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Projects for Autumn Flowers:

Now that autumn is in full swing, let's discuss what blossoms are best for bouquets and arrangements. Fall is traditionally associated with reds, yellows, and oranges. Sunflowers are thus a popular pick for autumn bouquets

Some of the prettiest flowers bloom naturally in autumn, and don’t fit into the red-orange-yellow color scheme. These include the Aster, Chinese Bellflower, and Chrysanthemums. Other autumn flowers include Canna, Symphyotrichum, and Callistephus.

Flower Wreaths:

One fun and simple idea is to take flowers of your choice and incorporate them into an Autumnal wreath. You can form the base for the wreath using two wire coat hangers. Stretch them out to form a circle. You will need long branches, which you can then wrap around the hangers. It is best to secure them to the hangers with some floral wire, which you should be able to find at your nearest craft store. After you have completely covered the hangers with branches, you can use your flowers to add a beautiful splash of color. If you like, you can also weave in berries and pinecones. Flower wreaths make great gifts, and look lovely on front doors and entrances.

Dried Flowers and Potpourri:

Another fun fall project is to dry out flowers to preserve them and form unique bouquets. There are different methods for drying flowers; some choose to simply hang bouquets upside down in dry dark spaces, while others opt to use silica gel to expedite the process. You could also use a flower press (found in most craft stores). After you have dried out your flowers, you can use all the odds and ends in creating potpourri. Aside from flowers and leaves, you will also want to purchase essential oils and spice and herbal fixative. With these simple ingredients, you’ll be set to create your potpourri! Some of the best flowers to use for potpourri, which have the strongest fragrances, are roses, chamomile, jasmine, carnations, and heather.

Pumpkin Flower Vases

Something that has become more common (and which is also a lot of fun to make) are pumpkin contains. Firstly, you will need to carve out a round hole on top of the pumpkin of your choice. Next, you can glue foam to the sides of the pumpkin, so the flowers will be cushioned and pressed firmly in place. Using Eucalyptus branches, berry branches, and the flowers of your choice (zinnias are a popular favorite) you can form the arrangement to your liking. Feel free to use glue to secure branches in place. These arrangements are both fun and easy to make, and if you have kids they can enjoy helping you out with this one, too!

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We take pride in our work, and stand behind every arrangement we deliver. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact us so that we can make it right.


We've been Calgary local florist since 1996 and we are proud to serve this community. There are a lot of "online companies" that pretend to be a local florist, hurting both you and small businesses like ours. You can feel confident that you will get an amazing arrangement that is supporting a real local florist!


Buying from us means that all arrangements are designed by artists who know the floral trade. We hand-deliver every single arrangement so your recipient is sure to love their gift! No wilted, sad, flowers in a box here! Your design will be exquisitely arranged and sure to be loved!


Our customers and the happiness of their friends and family are our top priority! When you buy from us, you are getting an arrangement that is sure to impress and delight! We will personally ensure that you're happy with your arrangement!